Friday, 27 February 2015

Recent activities...

Oh dear Chemically Cultured what has become of you. I seem to have neglected this poor blog for too long. But never fear, I've not been completely out of the loop.

Nat Chem reviewI continue to write for the Chemistry World blog covering (pun intended) journal covers and their scientific impact. Recently, I wrote about  how to win a Nobel Prize with good cover art and I found out the secret to successful artwork from all the artists of last year's Chemical Science covers.

I also wrote a book review that was published in the March edition of Nature Chemistry. The review was for "Navigating the Path to Industry", a short book describing all (literally all) the steps to take when moving from academia into the chemical industry. In short, it's a great little step by step guide if you don't have contacts to mine for information or if you're a little lost on where to begin on your new career path. But of course go and read my review for more info.


  1. It would be great to write for the top academic journals, which requires insight into the combination of art and sciences for your part. Look forward to more of your blogs. But will you write topics about your major biology synthesis?